Why is treatment in Szczecin a good idea? We work with one of the best dental clinics in Szczecin, we take care of everything!

How to start? Step by step

Write or call us.

It’s so simple! Only one phone or email separates you from professional treatment at a great price. Please provide the planned date of stay in Szczecin.

Wait for contact.

We will forward your contact details to the Clinic. Doctors will contact you to plan treatment and we will arrange accommodation at the right time.

We will propose a plan.

Doctors will provide a detailed plan and duration of treatment. We will offer various options for your stay and other additional services. You choose the most suitable for you.

We invite You to Szczecin!

It’s time to go!.We will help in the organization of transport, welcome to our comfortable apartments. Our reception desk helps in every situation!