Medical Center

NZOZ Bartosz Jadczyk


A modern dental center!

A dentist who is a high-class specialist in his own profession will painlessly carry out every treatment at the highest level. Modern dentistry provides almost limitless possibilities, so a beautiful smile and healthy teeth do not have to be just a dream.

Advantages of treatment in Szczecin.

Why dr Jadczyk?

  • full range of services:
    • prophylaxis, conservative dentistry with endodontics
    • aesthetic dentistry and teeth whitening
    • dental surgery
    • children’s dentistry
    • implantology, prosthetics
      individual approach to the patient
  • the highest world level of services
  • dental treatment in Poland with German insurance
  • warranty for dental services
  • help in organizing the entire stay

About the clinic

The NZOZ dental center Bartosz Jadczyk is equipped with modern dental offices, excellent diagnostic facilities and a qualified team of doctors. Our philosophy is based on a holistic approach to the health of our patients. We believe that the oral cavity is not only teeth, but an integral part of the entire human body.

Our dental center has been equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. This allows us to carry out treatments in optimal comfort for patients. We only use proven, certified materials.

Bandurskiego 15/2 | +48 91 831 26 23

Apartments at Bandurskiego are located only 50 m from the clinic! Book your stay in a great location in the building opposite from the Jadczyk Dental Center.